Vietnam Pangasius Exports in the first half of 2016 magnesium chloride health benefits information

5 August

In the first half of this year, Vietnam pangasius exports reached 790.2 million USD (up 5.4% year on year). Exports to the US, China-Hong Kong and Brazil reported the year-on-year growth but exports to EU, ASEAN, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia saw the reduction.


The U.S.

In QII/2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to the U.S. hit 106.5 million USD (up 31.4%) from the previous quarter. Until Jun 2016, sales to the market were 187.1 million USD (up 17.7% year on year). The high antidumping duty imposed by the U.S. reduced the number of Vietnamai??i??s pangasius suppliers to the US.

According to NMFS, until May 2016, the U.S. imported 1.1 million MT ofseafood products (up 3.2% year on year) but the import value downed 0.73% to 7.7 billion USD. In the period, the U.S. raised importing the volume of pangasius but reducing the volume of tilapia. The U.S. importers tend to import more tilapia from Brazil and import less tilapia from China. Tilapia imports into the U.S. from China (the largest supplier of frozen tilapia fillet) downed 16.1% in volume and 27.6% in value.


In QII/2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to EU hit 69.4 million USD (down 6.6% year on year). Through Jun 2016, sales to the market touched 133 million USD (down 6.7% year on year). In which, pangasius exports to Spain and Germany saw the respective growth of 17.9% and 4.4% but exports to the Netherlands downed 13%, the UK downed 22.5% year on year.

According to Eurostat, in QI/2016, the import value of some white fish into EU continued to rise: frozen cod fillet up 1.79%; chilled fresh cod up 6%, frozen Alaska Pollock fillet up 4.9% while import value of catfish (HS 030462) and pangasius downed 11% year on year.

China ai??i?? Hongkong, ASEAN, Brazil

In QII/2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to China reached 72.5 million USD (up 80.6% from QI/2016). In Jan-Jun 2016, sales to the market reached 117 million USD (up 66.7% year on year). Sales to some major markets (the US, EU, ASEAN, Mexico) slowed down, so Vietnam exporters shifted to export to China. In 6 consecutive months of the first half, sales to China reported a two-digit growth.

In QII/2016, the export value to ASEAN totaled 34.5 million USD (down 3.3% from the previous quarter). By Jun 2016, the exports to ASEAN totaled 67.9 million USD (down 1.9% from the same period last year). In which, exports to 3 biggest single markets of the bloc: Thailand rose 1.8%; Singapore fell 1.4% and the Philippines fell 2% compared to the same period last year. So far, the majority of pangasiusproducts exported to Thailand and Singapore was frozen fillets or steaks. Thailand is still a major importer of Vietnam pangasius with stable export value.

In QII/2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to Brazil reached 16.1 million USD (down 29.8% from the previous quarter). For the year to Jun 2016, exports to this market reached 36.9 million USD (up 41.1%) compared to the same period of 2015. Compared to the same period last year, the value of Vietnam Pangasius Exports to the markets continued to increase.