7 July

Vietnam Pangasius Exports in the 5 months of 2016


As of May 2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports earned the revenue of 650.3 million USD, up 5.5% compared to the same period last year. In particular, the exports to the USA, China ai??i?? Hong Kong, and Brazil registered the positive growth.


In the first 5 months of 2016, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to the USA reached 152 million USD, picking up 23.4% of total export value, and up 12.9% year on year. Despite a fall in the number of enterprises engaged in exporting pangasius to the USA, the shipments to this market hit the highest value out of the top 10 leading Vietnam pangasius importers.

According to the ITC, in Jan ai??i?? Apr 2016, Vietnam stayed as the 2nd largest supplier of whitefish products to the USA (after China). In Jan ai??i?? Feb 2016, the import value of frozen tilapia fillets (HS code 030461) accounted for the largest proportion of 35 ai??i?? 38.4% of the total whitefish imports into this market. However, in Mar ai??i?? Apr 2016, the USA increased imports of frozen pangasius fillets (HS code 030462) from Vietnam with the share of 27%, exceeding the import value of frozen tilapia fillets from China into the USA.

In Jan ai??i?? May 2016, high anti-dumping duty and catfish inspection program put pressure on Vietnam Pangasius Exports companies to the USA. Up to now, only two companies, Vinh Hoan Corp and Bien Dong Seafood, are entitled to the tax rate of 0% and their pangasius shipments to the USA remain stable.

The EU

In the first 5 months of this year, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to the EU were on the downward trend. Through May 2016, the exports to this market totaled 109.3 million USD, down 8.1% year on year. Out of 4 largest importers in the bloc, the shipments to the UK (-3.4%) and the Netherlands (-20.8%) reported the fall, while the exports to Spain (+1.9%) and Germany (+1.8%) showed the growth. Out of top largest markets, EU is the most demanding market for Vietnam pangasius exporters.

China – Hong Kong and Brazil

Vietnam Pangasius Exports to these markets posted the good growth. In Jan ai??i?? May 2016, the exports to China ai??i?? Hong Kong reached 94.9 million USD (up 72.7%), and those to Brazil hit 32.8 million USD (up 118.3%) from the same period last year.

According to the ITC, in 2015, Vietnam Pangasius Exports to China remained stable but only accounting for less than 5% of the total import value of whitefish into China. The country mainly imports Alaska Pollock, Haddock, and Cod, taking up 90% of the total whitefish imports.

In 2015, according to the ITC, imports of frozen fish products into Brazil decreased by 23% over the previous year. In particular, chilled/fresh/frozen fish fillets (HS code 0304) dropped by 25% in value and 22% in volume; fresh and whole fish (HS code 0302) downed 13% in value and up 4% in volume; smoked fish and fishmeal (HS code 0305) fell by 27% in value and 30% in volume compared with 2014. Chilled/fresh/frozen fish fillets (HS code 0304) made up the largest proportion in the total imports of fresh/chilled/frozen fish into Brazil, followed by the groups of HS code 0302 and HS code 0305.

Out of whitefish imports into the country, in 2015, imports of most whitefish items posted a slump. In which, import value of frozen pangasius and catfish fillets fell by 37%; frozen Hake fillets downed 18.6%, frozen Alaska Pollock fillets dropped by 4.2%, and frozen Cod decreased by 32.9% compared to 2014.

As of Apr 2016, imports of pangasius fillets accounted for the highest share out of whitefish products with 39%, while the other whitefish products such as Hake, Cod, Alaska Pollock occupied less than 35% of the total imports of whitefish into Brazil.

Source: VASEP