Vietnamai??i??s Fisheries/ seafood Export Market in the first two months of 2016

27 March

Vietnamai??i??s Fisheries export increasing by 7.2% in the first two months of 2016

Vietnamai??i??s Fisheries exports reached 915.618 million USD in the first two months of 2016, increased by 7.2% compared to the same period last year (2015).

The leading key markets of Vietnam Fisheries are still USA gained 194.6 million USD, EU is 151.3 million USD, Japan is 120.5 million USD, China & Hong Kong is 105.3 million USD and Asean is 81.7 million USD.

The USA is still the biggest seafood import market of Vietnam.

The EU. The exports to England reached 27.8 million USD increased by 15.4%, Italy is up by 26.3 reached 17 million USD, Belgium gained 16.3 million up by 16.5%.


(Source: VASEP)