9 June

According to the statistics of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam enterprises earned the revenue of 507.54 million USD in pangasius exports in the first 4 months of 2016, up 5.2% year on year. The figure in Apr 2016 estimated at 142.08 million USD, up 13% compared to Apr 2015.


Vietnam’s Pangasius Export Market In The Frist 4 Months Of 2016

In Jan-Apr 2016, pangasius consumption in the global market began to recover, especially in large markets. In early and late 2015, pangasius sales posted the negative growth with the slump in the import price by importing markets. However, in the first 4 months of this year, pangasius import price from some markets has signs to report year-on-year rebound.

Notably, out of main Vietnam’s pangasius exporter, the shipments to China – Hong Kong witnessed a year-on-year significant increase. Among the biggest Vietnam’s pangasius exporter, Asean stayed as 3rd in Jan-Apr of 2015, however, in Jan-Apr this year, China – Hong Kong (taking up 13.3% of total export value) outstriped Asean to rank the 3rd and Asean with the proportion of 8.7% ranked the 4th. The reason was that pangasius exports to the Asean countries were on the downward trend while shipments to China remarkably increased.

In the first 4 months of 2016, Vietnam’s pangasius exports to China & Hong Kong valued 67.49 million USD, up 61.1% year on year. Particularly in Apr 2016, the figure to this market estimated at 22.98 million USD, up 93.7% from Apr 2015.

Pangasius export turnover to Asean in Jan-Apr of 2016 reached 44.03 million USD, down 3.3% year on year. Out of the Asean countries, Thailand (the export value of 15.87 million USD) remained the leading Vietnam’s pangasius exporter, followed by Singapore and the Philippines with the export value of 11.17 million USD and 9.41 million USD, respectively.

In the period, the U.S. stayed as the largest Vietnam’s pangasius exporter with the import value of 115.16 million USD (accounting for 22.7% of total export value), up 7.2% from the same period last year. In which, the U.S increased imports of fresh pangasius fillets.

From mid-March up to now, raw pangasius price of Vietnam soared after the standstill. This was driven by a drop in the countryai??i??s pangasius farming area and production, especially in some key provinces. Pangasius price now was up to 22,000 VND per kilo.

Written by Ngoc Thuy

Compiled by Dieu Thuy

(Source: VASEP)